Selasa, 25 Oktober 2022

Bwanna 'beautiful diamond' in Sumba

Jakarta (Wisata Indonesia) – If you travel to Sumba Island, you will find a beach paradise. Because, Sumba is one of the islands that has a wealth of tourism, both cultural and natural and very charming.
One of the prima donna is Bwanna Beach, which is one of the beach tourism objects that is still untouched by development, still very natural. The white sand beach is surrounded by high sturdy cliffs that can be said to be similar to the Twelve Apostles in Australia.

What makes Bwanna Beach so special? Even the Swedish Traveling Magazine, RES, published in September 2017 stated that there are 3 things to do when you go to Sumba, one of which is to explore Mbawana Beach !!!!

Uniquely, on this beach there is a high rock with a circle like a ring located on the beach, Unfortunately 2 years ago it collapsed due to natural conditions, namely the Sumba earthquake and the brunt of the waves in the South Sea. (FMawero)

Photo: Special