Sabtu, 10 September 2022

Cartenz, The Summit Queen Of World

Jakarta (Wisata Indonesia) – For those of you who are interested, to climb to the Cartenz Pyramid, there are several routes to get to the top of Cartenz, including:

• Via Freeport 

The fastest route, only takes approximately 2 hours, to get to the Lakes basecamp, only very dangerous, because it is easily affected by Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS), the impact of changing altitude too quickly.

• Via Sugapa

The most interesting path, it just takes days, to get to the Lakes Basecamp, only we will be treated to a landscape of Papua, like being in Jurassic Park.

• Via Ugimba

The path is challenging, because it passes through the swift Kemagu River and continues to the New Zealand Pass to get to the Lakes Basecamp, the journey takes about 10-12 hours.

• Via Soagama 

The relay line starts at Hitadipa District - Camp Zambusiga (2181mdpl) - Inda Tsiga Camp (3222mdpl) - Ebay Camp (3580mdpl) - Nasidome Camp (3726mdpl) - New Zealand Pass, finally Lake-Lakes Basecamp (4261mdpl).

• Via Ilaga

The path passes through the highest district in Indonesia, continues by taking a small plane, walking to Pinapa Village, through the forest towards Larson Lake (blue lake), and ends at the Lakes Basecamp.  The journey is approximately 6 days from Ilaga.

 • Helicopter is the easiest option, only the cost is classified as very expensive.  Then get off at Yellow Valley, which is the area after the Lakes Basecamp.


At Basecamp Lakes, usually climbers will acclimatize for several days.  After traveling for 8 hours to Yellow Valley.  After that we will pass a place called Terrace 1, 2, 3 then the big terrace, and climb the vertical cliff to Summit Ridge.
Vertical Cliff
Then the climb continues, passing through the ravine with the Tyrolean Traverse technique along 20 meters.  Then you are required to pass 2 more gaps, if you are lucky you arrive at the top of the Cartenz Pyramid.

Tyrolean Traverse Path
The Jayawijaya Mountains have a number of peaks with different heights, namely Puncak Jaya (4,884 masl), Mandala Peak (4,760 masl), Trikora Peak (4,730 masl), Indeberg Peak (4,673 masl), Yamin Peak (4,535 masl), and East Carstensz Peak.  (4,400 masl).(FM)

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